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Final Preparations for my song "Kilkshake"!

1 month ago by Cabbster

Hello, I'm attempting to finalize my track for NG and Soundcloud!


for some reason It's so much easier to finalize/get new inspiration/add new elements to a song that I've already submitted for some reason. I've added alot more elements and simplicized many riffs! Now there's not as many random stabs or drops, is slightly more melodic, and the fills are re-structured into something coherent! Hell YEAH!!! I still feel as though it is missing something but alas my comp can only handle so much before I'm literally working at a snails pace (0 playback on anything, can't mix, master, add notes, do anything, really). No excuses, of course, though. I had a crap load of fun making it! The only thing I didn't like is the forced structure, where all my breaks had to be 8 bars or I'd run it way too late. I wish I could at least do 16 bars for the final melody, but oh well. I'll figure something out...If I want to do that, I might have to take out the 2nd verse...BLECH!! I doubt I want to go back to 32 - 64 bar everything, but I'm slightly tempted.

I almost want to screenshot part of my project due to how funny some of my pattern names are, lol. I tried to make them all named and colored and pretty, but ignored the whole process half-way. I can say It probably would have helped trim my track down in the long run, but it's just as easy to delete and copy-paste my new detail. Let me know what you guys think! Fan me for more awesomenes! I'm still trying to iron out some sort of awesome feeling throughout my building discography, so that you know exactly what to feel and expect before the next song is even out! This is probably the most fun I've had in my life ever!! Thank you guys, what little fan base I have, for pushing me closer and closer to my goals!




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2 weeks ago

that must mean its working

2 weeks ago Cabbster responds:

Yes, whatever it is, it's working..I've got two Front pages in a row on my most recent tracks O.o


1 month ago


1 month ago (Updated 1 month ago) Cabbster responds:

Thx G. My ears are bleeding at this point.