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Cool dream I had.

7/30/14 by Cabbster

I woke up in a warehouse (place where I used to work). It was midnight or some crap and I was trying to figure out how the heck I ended up waking up there. Long story short I was trippin balls trying to get back and the second I did actually make it to my house I woke up, and heard my door slam from my front door like I just got back in my bed. I I just trying to get tripped out or what...


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We all had weird ass dreams at some point.
A couple of days earlier I dreamed that my family and I were arms traffickers, and that I killed Cee Lo Green in a deal gone sour.

7/31/14 Cabbster responds:

I guess people turn into drug dealers once they lose their girlfriends. Lol. Always fun to hear a good dream. Mine was just insane because the premise of it was how long could I keep myself from actually believing that I wasn't asleep. Seriously, is there some kind of dream demon that just likes to mess with some people? I seriously feel this way due to the nature of it.